Essentially a "Smartphone for Dogs", WÜF provides all the tools that modern, mobile dog owners need to keep tabs, and provide the best care, for their furry little friends.

WUF Smart Collar and Mobile App

Track, Train and Love your Companion like never before



It's not enough for modern tech to just work great, it has to look great too.

At WÜF, we put design and the customer experience at the top of our priorities list and built a product that any dog owner will love to use and be proud to show off. 



The WÜF ONE comes in different sizes and colors to match every dog/dog owner's personality.

3 Sizes Orange WUF.png

Which ONE is perfect for you??

Learn more about why WÜF is on a mission to build the World's Smartest Dog Collar and what that means for the world's dog owners (video from our successfully funded Kickstarter Campaign):

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