Track, train, talk to, and listen in on your dog from anywhere in the world.

Equal parts tech and chic, our smart collar looks great while packing the most sophisticated wearable technology.

Beautifully crafted, Amazingly simple!


Beautiful & Functional

Bright, vibrant, sleek and sophisticated.
Waterproof and bite proof, yet comfortable, flexible and breathable for all day wear.

Hardware and Software work together, constantly collecting and analyzing data, to provide actionable insights to help everyone become the world's best dog parent. 

Intuitive & Addictive

Fire up the app and unleash a whole new way of connecting and communicating with your dog.  

We are bringing dog training and tracking into the modern, mobile world. We don't just report on the past we give you intelligent suggestions based on your needs to guide you. 


"The world is finally realizing that Pets and Tech do not need to be mutually exclusive. Want to experience the next generation of pet care? Join the revolution today."

Sean G Kelly, CEO of WÜF